14. helmikuuta 2010

Kirjojen hamstraaja

An intimate look into the inner lives of our most prominent cultural figures— pulled from the celebrated Proust Questionnaire page in Vanity Fair magazine. The probing set of questions originated as a 19th-century parlor game popularized by contemporaries of Marcel Proust, the French essayist and novelist, who believed that an individual’s answers reveal his true nature. Illustrated by Risko, Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire brings together the responses of 101 of the most vibrant personalities of our time, from Bette Midler and Lauren Bacall to Salman Rushdie and Norman Mailer, from Martin Scorsese and Shirley MacLaine to Aretha Franklin and Eric Clapton. Candid, hilarious, and endlessly fascinating. Lähde: amazon.co.uk

Kirjat ovat minulle yksi mieluisimpia asioita ostaa. Niitä on nurkkiin kerääntynyt ihan kunnioitettava määrä ja lisää tekee aina mieli haalia. Yllä oleva kirja on yksi niistä joka tällä hetkellä kiehtoo. Alla oleva, juuri äsken bongattu kirjasarja, on toinen niistä.

For more than half a century, The Paris Review has conducted in-depth interviews with our leading novelists, poets, and playwrights. These revealing, revelatory self-portraits have come to be recognized as themselves classic works of literature, and an essential and definitive record of the writing life. This beautiful slipcase edition brings together all four volumes of Picador’s selected Paris Review Interviews, including Q&As with Ernest Hemingway, T.S. Eliot, Kurt Vonnegut, Elizabeth Bishop, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Stephen King, Salman Rushdie, Paul Auster, Marilynne Robinson, and more. lähde: amazon.co.uk

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