1. marraskuuta 2010


Japanilainen taiteilija Baku käyttää nerokkaasti pakettinauhoja luodakseen erilaisia eläimiä. Nykyään Bakulla on jo koossa kokonaisia eläinperheitä.

Näin kerrotaan Ribbonesian taustasta nettisivuilla.

‘Ribbonesia’ is the art project which artist and illustrator ‘BAKU’ Maeda has been working on. As an artist, ‘BAKU’ has been using brush and pen as extension of his hands and imagination.
Last couple of years, he found more interest in the way of expression in 3 dimensional and sculptural way by using ribbon and other fabric materials.
He has been always obsessed in varieties of animals and its expressions and habits since his early ages.
His obsession towards animals becomes his major motif of his daily creation.
Recently, he is working with many colors of ribbon and creating various animals expression.
every animals are delicately made by hands. colors are carefully chosen. so, none of the animals are the same. They are all different and special.

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